I’m Cleopatra, a passionate dancer and violinist from Leipzig.

Through my intensive musical training in the field of violin playing under one of the greatest composers in Russia, my vision developed not only to develop oriental dance in my personal way, but also to refine it with the violin and acrobatic elements. In this way, the dance becomes a unique art pleasure for the viewer.

Brigitte Baldinger, editor-in-chief and publisher of the trade journal “Halima” about Cleopatra:

“Her youthful temperament blows every hall, pure enjoyment speaks from her dance. She sets every little accent with pinpoint accuracy and translates the music into her dance. You think, her body plays the music. She loves the contact to her audience and reaches her absolute top form at that. But she can also use the stage as a platform. After all, she became German champion and even vice world champion. I [editor] describe her as powerful and sexy, natural and noble. She combines many contradictions. Her costumes are breathtaking. They look like as if the fell into Aladdin´s treasure chest. Pure oriental magic. She is an explosive mixture paired with youthful carefreeness and sex appeal in a dreamlike packaging.”

Belly Dance Lessons

Individual lessons, workshops and group lessons on request.